I have been arrested on federal offense charges and I am innocent, what should I do?

If you have been arrested for a federal offense you need to remain silent! Do not answer any questions and ask for an attorney immediately!

Do not make any statements at all to anyone! Law enforcement will try to pretend like they can assist you if you cooperate and tell them what they want to hear. This is not true!! It is the prosecutor and the judge that make decisions as to the filing of your case and the sentence. Not the police! Answer every question with a request to call an attorney.

When you contact the attorney, ask them to discuss all of your legal options in a secure setting. Tell the attorney exactly what happened and the names of any witnesses. The attorney can then use the information to prepare a defense.

Being accused of a crime is very stressful. But the attorney will walk you through the process and help you to obtain the best possible outcome. It is their job to look out for you and to protect your rights. Trust the attorney and follow their advice. This will ensure the best possible result for your situation.

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