How can an attorney help me with my felony crime charges?

The State has an attorney representing their interest, so you should have an attorney representing yours.

When you hire an attorney to represent you in your felony case, the attorney works for you. The attorney can help contact family members to arrange bail. They can review the sufficiency of the charges and make arguments on your behalf. An attorney can make sure that you know about any and all evidence that the State plans to use against you. Attorneys can take depositions, file motions and investigate any and all aspects of your defense. The most important thing the attorney can do is to prepare a proper defense for you to present at your trial.

Although it is possible to file a motion on your own, it will not be taken seriously by the judge. Many times people do not know the rules of the courtroom and that places them at a severe disadvantage.

If you had to have open heart surgery you wouldn’t do it yourself. You would go to a professional. It is the same with the law. Don’t try to do it yourself. Hire an expert who can get the best result for you!

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