Can I get a job if I am convicted of a felony?


While there are some employers that will hire people with felonies, there are many more that will not.

As a general rule, employers do not want to take the chance in hiring a person with a felony. Many times a felony conviction prevents you from obtaining the license necessary for the job. This is especially true for health care licenses, security and money handing positions, and positions that deal with children or the elderly.

Some felonies create a risk for employers that they are not willing to take. For example, a housecleaning company would not want to hire someone with theft charges because they feel it is more likely that you may steal from the house you are cleaning. If you have an auto theft charge, the company may not want to hire you as a valet. If you have been convicted of burglary they will not want to send you into houses to install alarm systems.

While it is not impossible to get a job with a felony conviction, it is much more difficult. The best outcome is to not have the conviction on your record. If you have been accused of a felony, call the attorneys of Finebloom & Haenel. They can discuss all of the consequences of a conviction with you.

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