Can I get a job if I am convicted of a misdemeanor?

It depends.

Some misdemeanor charges such as petit theft are considered “crimes of dishonesty.” Some businesses will not hire anyone with a crime of dishonesty. This is because the employers worry about theft from their businesses.

Charges such as battery, domestic battery and violation of domestic injunctions, can prevent you from obtaining employment in the health care fields and sometimes teaching or daycare positions.

If you are convicted of possession of marijuana, DUI or possession of paraphernalia, it may also prevent you from obtaining some types of professional licenses or from working in environments where drugs are dispensed.

And of course there are some businesses that will not hire anyone with any type of charge non matter how small.

For these reasons it is very important that you hire an attorney for even the simplest misdemeanor charge. Entering a plea to something as simple as disorderly intoxication may cost you your job.

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