How can a lawyer help me with my violation of probation?

When you hire an attorney to help you with your violation of probation they will do several things. They will represent you through all stages of the proceeding and answer any and all of your legal questions. They will advise you how to proceed in order to try to get the best outcome for your situation.

If you have not yet been arrested, the attorney will try to arrange a bond for your violation of probation case. If you have already been arrested, they will set a bond hearing to try to secure your release.

When the violation of probation hearing is set, the attorney will present evidence on your behalf. They will cross examine witnesses and challenge the probation officer’s accusation. Many times the judge will take the word of a probation officer over that of an offender. The attorney can help present the probation officer’s facts in a light most favorable to you. They will also present any defenses to the court on your behalf.

If you are found guilty of violating your probation, the attorney will argue for the lightest possible sentence. Without an attorney it is very possible you could receive the maximum sentence even if it is not warranted.

The most important thing an attorney does when you hire them is to watch out for you. The attorney’s job is to protect your rights and interests against the State. Without an attorney it is your word against that of the probation officer and the prosecutor.

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