What should I do if my child is arrested on a juvenile charge?

If your child is taken into custody for a juvenile charge you should report to the agency immediately. The officers will inform you if they will be releasing the child to your custody pending the detention review or if the child will need to be transported to the DJJ housing facility.

If the child is released to your care, you will need to make sure you make every court date. All juveniles must have a parent or guardian present during court proceedings.

Next, you should call an attorney to review the merits of the case and to represent your child. The attorney can help explain the process and help your child to prepare their case. The attorney will speak with the judge and the prosecutors to make sure your child is treated fairly.

When you hire the attorney, the attorney represents the child, not you! The attorney will keep you apprised, but the attorney’s concern will be obtaining the most favorable outcome for the child.

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