Why should I hire a misdemeanor defense lawyer?

Misdemeanor charges are looked at as “simple” or “petty.” But the truth is that many carry very serious consequences that may not be known to the offender at the time they enter their plea.

For example, entering a plea to possession of marijuana can suspend your driver’s license privileges for two years. Entering a plea to petit theft charges can also suspend your license. In addition, petit theft charges are considered crimes of dishonesty. This means it can be used against you when you apply for jobs and professional licenses. Battery charges can be considered violent offenses in some circumstances.

Hiring a defense lawyer can protect you from these unforeseen consequences. When you hire a lawyer, the lawyer reviews your case and discusses all of your options. The lawyer will review any defenses you may have and will fully explain any and all consequences before you enter a plea or take a case to trial. When you hire a lawyer, their job is to look out for you and your best interest. So before you enter a plea and accept the consequences for a “petty” crime make sure that you speak with an attorney first.

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