How can a lawyer help with my drug charges?

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you are probably considering whether or not to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney. An attorney specializing in drug crime defense can immensely benefit your case. They bring expertise in the specific issues you will be facing during the course of your trial that a public defender or generalist attorney may not possess.

A local drug crime defense attorney is intimately knowledgeable about local, state and federal laws and procedures relating specifically to drug offenses. Drug law is especially complex because statutes exist governing drug crimes at both the state and federal level, and often the charges, evidence and penalties do not mirror one another. A successful drug defense attorney needs to be well versed in both, and be able to navigate both the state and federal court systems with ease and expertise.

Florida law enforcement and court systems are especially strict with drug offenders because the state is situated at the entryway to the North American drug market for Latin American producers. As a result, drug trafficking is a particular problem for Florida lawmakers, residents and law enforcement. Police are instructed to be especially vigilant when they suspect drug offenses, and prosecutors tend to issue the strongest charges warranted for the evidence they possess.

A drug crime defense attorney can identify areas of weakness in the prosecutions case, and can skillfully use these to their advantage in presenting a strong, indisputable defense on your behalf. Criminal law is an area requiring meticulous attention to detail that requires a specialist to comprehensively understand.

A local attorney knows this, and also knows how to work within and around the procedures put into place by law enforcement. They will know exactly the sorts of arguments the prosecution will attempt to make in litigating against you, and how to dispute or mitigate these arguments in your favor. A drug crime defense attorney will have established relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement officials that will be beneficial in negotiating lesser charges, plea bargains or alternative sentencing arrangements.

An area drug crime defense attorney will have an established record of achieving positive results for their clients. You can trust that a lawyer with a provable track record of success will provide you with the highest quality defense available for your situation.

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