What should I do if my license is suspended due to a traffic violation?

There are several ways a traffic violation can suspend your license. How you address it depends on the reason for your suspension.

If you receive a traffic violation and you do not pay the fine, your license will be suspended. If you pay the ticket, the suspension will be lifted and you will be able to re-instate your license.

If you have received several traffic tickets and you have received a point suspension, you will have to wait out the suspension period. After the suspension period is over you will be able to reinstate your license. WARNING: Points are not assessed to your license until you pay the ticket. So if you have several outstanding traffic violations, and you pay them off all at once, you must be careful to keep track. Paying all of the tickets at once might give you a point suspension.

If you receive a traffic violation for racing, or DUI there is a suspension associated with that charge. If your license has an “HTO” or habitual traffic offender designation there are extra steps you need to take to reinstate. For these types of suspensions there is a protocol that must be followed if you wish to drive. You should consult an attorney to learn what you will need to do to regain your driving privilege.

If your license is suspended DON’T DRIVE!!! Knowingly driving on a suspended license is a criminal charge. You could end up in jail. If you are caught driving on a suspended license 3 or more times, the Department of motor Vehicles will suspend your license for 5 years as a habitual traffic offender!!

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