Do I need a lawyer to help me with my felony charges?


If you are convicted of a felony you could be sent to prison. You could lose your civil rights and possibly your job. Many judges will not take a pro-se defendant seriously and the State will try to manipulate you. Hiring a lawyer ensures your rights are protected.

When you are convicted of a felony, you can be sent to prison. There is the possibility that you can lose any professional license you may hold, you have to surrender any and all firearms, and if you live in approved housing requiring a background check you may be evicted.

Most people do not have enough legal knowledge to defend themselves against the State’s aggressive prosecution. Because of this you could become a convicted felon simply because you do not know enough about the law. An attorney can protect you and help you to obtain the best possible outcome.

Why should I hire a felony defense lawyer?

There are many reasons to hire a defense attorney. The most important reason is that the State will stop at nothing to prosecute you. So you need someone who will fight just as hard to keep you from being convicted.

Most people who get arrested do not know all of their rights. Sometimes people know their rights, but are misinformed as to how that applies to their current charges. For instances, most people are aware of their Miranda rights. But they mistakenly believe that if an officer does not read them the Miranda warnings, that the officer has no right to arrest them. This is not true. Because most people who are arrested are not experts in criminal law, the judges do not take pro-se defendants seriously. The State will also take advantage of what you don’t know and use it to convict you.

A defense attorney knows the law and how those laws apply to your situation. When you hire an attorney to represent you in your felony case they use their knowledge to help you achieve the best possible outcome. An attorney can also help you contact friends and relatives to post bond, research alternative sentencing options and petition the court on your behalf.

Felony charges have serious consequences such as prison, loss of civil liberties and possibly even your job. It is important to have someone just as serious about keeping you from these serious consequences.

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