What are the possible outcomes for a white collar crime charges?

The outcomes for white collar crimes are the same as for other crimes. There is probation, house arrest, jail or acquittal.

The best outcome is to take your case to trial and win. This is called an acquittal. If this happens you walk away a free person.

The next possible outcome is to lose your case at trial or to enter a plea of guilty. If this happens, you can be sentenced to jail, house arrest, probation or a combination of any of these punishments.

The jail sentence you serve depends on many factors. If you are found guilty in the federal court, you will go to a federal prison. If you are found guilty in the state court, you will either be sent to the Department of Corrections or the county jail depending on the length of the sentence.

It is also possible that the judge may sentence you to probation. When you are on probation you have certain restrictions as to your living conditions. You may have to perform community service. You may be given a curfew or other restrictions as to your day to day life. You will have to meet once a month with a probation officer to ensure you are complying with all of the court’s orders.

House arrest is another type of sanction. When you are on house arrest, a monitor is placed on your person to monitor your whereabouts 24/7. You are under strict supervision and usually cannot leave your home except to check in with your probation officer or go to the hospital.

No matter what the sanction, you will be ordered to pay restitution. This means you will have to pay back any and all money you received when you committed the crime.

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