What are the terms and conditions of probation?

The terms and condition of probation are whatever the judge says they are. The terms and conditions for your probation vary from case to case. But many conditions are standard.

For all probation cases, you must report monthly to a probation officer. During the visit you must make a full and truthful report. This means if you have violated any of the terms of your probation you must tell the probation officer.
You can not commit any new law violations. This can include traffic tickets.
You may not use drugs not prescribed to you. You will not be allowed to use alcohol to excess.
You will not be able to change your address without permission. You also may not be able to leave the county without permission.
You will have to pay any costs or fees ordered by the judge.
You will not be allowed to associate with any codefendants or, in a case of felony probation, other convicted felons.

These are the basic requirements that are required for all probation sentences whether felony or misdemeanor and regardless of the charge. The judge may also award additional conditions such as a curfew, the payment of restitution or random drug testing.

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