Will I be able to get a job with a DUI on my record?

It is true that a DUI may affect your options and ability to secure employment in some industries.  Some government jobs or other industries do not allow those convicted of misdemeanors or felonies to hold employment with them.

Most employment applications include a section asking whether the applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony.  If you encounter this or a similar question, it is always in your best interests to answer honestly.  Many employers perform background checks on their prospective employees, and it will always look worse for you to be caught in a lie than to start out with complete honesty.  A conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from employment, but lying during the application process certainly will.

By showing honesty in the initial phases of the interview process, you are more likely to gain the employer’s trust.  You are not required to elaborate on the circumstances of your DUI, however if you took subsequent driving classes or other treatment after your DUI you may regain credibility with the employer.  You may even use it as an opportunity to elaborate on what you learned from the process, and to demonstrate positive qualities that the employer may be looking for in the position.

If you can demonstrate that you are an exemplary candidate in every other aspect, many employers will be willing to overlook your past infractions.  As you demonstrate your value to the company, the DUI will steadily decrease in influence in the workplace.

Obviously, the ideal situation would be not to incur a DUI conviction in the first place.  Unfortunately, such a conviction looks unattractive on any candidate’s record, no matter how strong they may be in every other applicable arena.  However, even in situations where you cannot avoid a DUI conviction, you should still be able to secure employment.  Your options may be narrower than individuals without a criminal conviction, and you may face a tougher interview process.  However, many employers will make concessions for the otherwise ideal job candidate.

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