How will having a juvenile crime on my record effect getting into college?

This issue can get a bit complicated.

An important part of the juvenile system is that once the child “becomes an adult” the charges are not supposed to count. All juvenile proceedings are confidential. Which means the general public is not allowed to know that the child was ever arrested, let alone convicted for a crime.

However, some agencies are allowed to have access to, and to use, the juvenile record against the individual on a limited basis in limited circumstances until the child turns 21. One of those circumstances is when there is concern for public safety or the safety of others.

When you apply for college, if you have been convicted of certain crimes as a juvenile, you may have to disclose them on a college application. If the convictions were drug related, it may affect your financial aid. If you have a juvenile conviction, you should ask to speak with a college admissions officer to determine what you have to disclose an what documentation you may need in order to be granted admission.

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